Our Rearview Mirror & Leaving Work On Time

Working Late

The idea of being overworked is likely to resonate with a lot of people. Working long hours can be inevitable, especially for people in operations, professionals and those in finance. There are constant deadlines and an endless workload needing resolved. Last week a friend asked for help with a potential flex schedule. I quickly noticed his departmental scheduling per individual averaged about 60 hours and 6 days per week. My mind floated off to the number cruncher’s dread point: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. In his writing, Dr. Kalam emphasizes work-life balance and not using heaving employee scheduling as a shortcut to poor business structures and/or workflows.

5 Reasons to Leave Work on Time

1. Work is a never-ending process.

2. The interest of your clients is important. The interest of your family and friends are is also important.

3. When you have a setback in life, your boss and clients will rarely offer a helping hand; Your family and true friends will.

4. Life is not about working long hours, the office politics or clients. Life is about socializing, entertaining, exercising and finding time to relax both the body and mind. Don’t let life be meaningless.

5. A person who regularly stays late at the office is not necessarily a hardworking person. They are quietly viewed as a person without an efficient management.

6. You do not study hard, learn harder lessons and struggle in life only to become a machine.

Leaving The Office on Time

– Efficient

– Good Social Life

– Quality Family Life

Leaving The Office Late

– Inefficiencies Not Being Addressed

– Absence of a Fulfilling Social Life

– Less Family Time

Of course, there will be times when long hours will be unavoidable. The focus is being placed on awareness of the rule and not the exception. Keep your mind fresh, attitude positive and life balanced. Those ingredients are a receipt to offset the theory of “diminishing returns”.

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