Office Planning & Employee Satisfaction


Anyone looking for a new position or simply considering options to liven up their current workday? After cross-referencing co-workers, peers and news articles the correlation of feedback and office planning do play a significant role in employee satisfaction. Below is a short listing of a few great opportunities to spice up your workday experience!


Go Arnold & Flex

Less rigid and more flexible work schedules provide stronger opportunities for retention of employees. Never discount the individuals who place premiums on both their jobs and quality family time! Workers who can provide results outside the office tend be more efficient and available far more often than their office-bound counterparts.

Keep Active

Employees with morning routines, lunch breaks and/or mini-breaks with physical activity tend to be more engaged and energetic than employees glued to their office chairs . Getting a move on throughout the workday improves cardiovascular health, provides a healthy distraction from the daily potential for stressful office situations and may even enhance the capacity to tolerate physiological stress.

Offices Atmospheres

Zenful Environment

Loud noise raises our epinephrine (a hormone involved in our body’s fight-or-flight response), even if we don’t outwardly feel bothered the stress is inside us. Our talkative coworkers, keyboard clatterings, copying machines, telephones ringing make us more inclined to sit in rigid positions. I’m sure you could name dozen more distractions as well, huh? Some businesses look to reduce those distractions by installing new carpeting, lining walls with sound-absorbent materials, thick curtains to lessen street sounds and/or a variety of different white noise machines. Headphones make for the quickest fix, but they can be a put off to co-workers giving the impression of not wanting to be part of a group.

Keep the Temps in Tune

Keeping the office temperature between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit is generally a good rule of thumb. A chilly office can literally make us perceive our workspace as having a less than friendly culture.

Ergonomics and the Seat

Does your office space include adjustable chairs and desks? When we shift our weight with these flexing chairs it keeps joints from getting overloaded. Have you tried standing at the desk for 2 hours throughout the workday? I’ve encountered several individuals who swear it provides a more energetic feeling by closing time.

Face Front

Office maps encouraging face to face communication increase employee satisfaction. It’s as simple as that.. Ever heard the old joke about “gopher farms”? It’s called dark humor and it’s sole purpose isn’t to just make people giggle. Cubicles with high walls have been known to negatively influence employee satisfaction levels since they increase isolation. How would you want to spend your days?

All in All

Workplaces which communicate feelings of being valued, involved and appreciated bring out our best efforts. Comfortable lighting and office décor, a quiet environment, rotated air filters for clean air and empowering team dynamics are just a few of the ways managers can proactively improve workplace experiences. And while happiness alone may not be the sole reason for an increase in productivity, it’s a solid start that shouldn’t be ignored. Happier workers stay with the business longer, bring more energy to work each day and generate enthusiasm to their tasks while helping to maintain organizational morale. There is no recent not to pursue making an employee’s day an enjoyable experience.

In the end, it’s all about allowing your employees to become morale leaders through positive behavior. Don’t make hasty judgments tomorrow.. step into the workplace with an open mind while considering the above suggestions with a true assessment of your workplace culture.

Good luck and enjoy the week!


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