Purchasing & Inventory Programs

Purchasing Programs

Purchasing used to be strictly finding the lowest price available. This was often at the expense of a positive relationship with the supplier and usually a trade-off with quality. However, over time, the role of purchasing has evolved into a cost-saving function in which supplier relationships and contracts have developed with cost-savings in mind. These cost-savings are often found in process improvements, product improvements or supplier development efforts.

·  Complete rebidding of current operational expensed items and services
·  Review of outstanding credits, rebates
·  Assessment of the receiving and A/P processes
·  Weighted vendor comparison analysis for quality, pricing, service and other
necessary criteria
·  YTD purchase assessments
·  Documented minimum and maximum par levels (where necessary)
·  Review of vendor delivery schedules against business operations
·  Integration of storage areas with delivery cycles

Inventory Programs

Inventory is a critical element to all businesses. During your career, you’ll find departments within a business have different views of how much inventory should be kept onsite. Sales tend to want large volumes of inventory to guarantee service; Finance wants the inventory minimized to reduce working capital and operations wants sufficient stock to only meet daily requests. Additionally all inventories need to be positioned in the right place, at the right time and maintained with the right quantity. The difficult task of inventory management is found in balancing and satisfying all these needs.
·  Define storage areas to maximize space usage
·  Implement a smooth, flowing physical setup to ensure both effective and
efficient employee work-pace
·  Standardize inventory tracking forms for requisitions and audits
·  Create detailed inventory purchase order guides with par levels
·  Develop a smooth, flowing product setup to ensure both effective and
efficient employee work-pace
·  Develop inventory variance remediation programs
·  Document a plan of action to train employees on best practices